Summary: This publication contains the revised methodology on the Economic Accounts for Agriculture and Forestry (EAA/EAF) which is close to the methodology of the national accounts (ESA 95) but incorporates a number of changes to take account of the special features of the agricultural economy. Compared to the previous edition (Revision 1) of the EAA/EAF manual, the present version (EAA 97, Revision 1.1) includes new chapters on the valuation of the accounts at constant prices and on the unit values of agricultural products. The most recent of developments have also been taken into account, these concern the coverage of intraunit consumption, the breakdown of intermediate consumption as well as the EAA/EAF questionnaire. Nevertheless, it should be noted that all these changes are of a technical nature and thus do not affect the basic methodology described in the previous (Revision 1) version.
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ISBN: 92-828-2996-0
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