Summary: The negative external effects of profit orientated businesses on the environment and society are most visible and destructive in developing countries, where compensation measures for adversely affected groups rarely exist and where high corruption rates often impede meaningful enforcement of existing legislation. But what role can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) play in developing countries? How can CSR be generally strengthened by EU policies to contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals in a meaningful manner? This study is an attempt to get a solid overview of the current situation of CSR at the international level. Strengths and weaknesses of the implementation of CSR are analysed both in general terms and more specifically in a case study on the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The study ends with a suggestion for future policy action to enhance CSR as a complementing tool to legislation for a range of economic, social and environmental challenges. Different actions are outlined and discussed.
Physical Description: 42 Seiten p.
ISBN: 978-92-823-4543-6
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