Summary: The objective of this Report is to review the relevance and effectiveness of the Twinning Instrument relative to its fundamental objectives, with regard to different Accession Partnership areas, types of Institution Building activities and countries, with a view to high-lighting best practice solutions and examples that can inform any further development of the Instrument. The Report seeks to assess the circumstances in which Twinning is most likely to succeed and, at the Commission’s request, focuses particularly on ‘lessons learned’ and ‘good practice’ and makes recommendations for factoring these lessons into future Twinnings.
Item Description: Abweichender Untertitel: Interim Evaluation of Phare Support Allocated in 1999-2002 and Implemented until November 2003. Thematic Evaluation Repor [Michaela Grocholl, EDZ Köln]
Physical Description: 80 Seiten p.
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