Summary: This is the Draft Final Report of the DG AGRI “Study on Availability of Access to Computer Networks in Rural Areas”. It provides policy makers, stakeholders and others, with concrete guidance on how to maximise the benefits of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) for growth and jobs in all rural areas of Europe, using the support of rural development programmes. The study includes a Guide and database of best practices (in Part I) and a Review of existing policies and literature (in Part II). These were developed using two methodologies that formed the main research strands of the study (a) The establishment and analysis of a database of 67 best practice cases studies and (b) A review of existing data, literature, policy and research illustrating ICT take-up The Review concludes that rural ICT policies need to balance top-down and bottom-up approaches. This entails the European Commission articulating bottom-up recommendations coherently and centrally in strategy plans and development programmes – and individual Directorate Generals (DGs) making their own grant mechanisms more accessible to ‘home-spun’ initiatives that have local potential for solving local access and take-up.
Physical Description: 138 Seiten p.
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