Summary: In support of the preparatory actions of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy a set of projects were launched in 2008 and 2009 with the aim of assembling fragmented and inaccessible marine data into interoperable, contiguous and publicly available data streams for complete maritime basins. The specific objectives for these projects were to: a) collate existing data from public and private organisations relating to the state of maritime basins; processing them into interoperable formats featuring agreed standards, common baselines and reference conditions; assessing their accuracy and precision and assembling them into common datasets; b) develop, test, operate and maintain a portal allowing public access and viewing of these data and a link to WISE-marine; c) monitor and report on the effectiveness of the system in meeting the needs of users in terms of ease of use, quality of information and fitness for purpose of the products delivered; d) analyse what further steps need to be taken to improve the accuracy, precision, coverage and ease of use of the data, including a scheme for sustainable quality assurance and control of the data delivered to the system, both in this preparatory action and in the future larger system; e) analyse the necessary requirements to maintain the components built up in each lot as a sustainable infrastructure; and f) keep the portal operational afterwards and be prepared to transfer to the Commission.
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