Summary: The primary goal of this project was to propose a Risk Governance Framework for European CIs in the interface between the ICT and energy sector, based on the analysis of actors, regulatory, market and technical factors, decision processes, problem framing, development of risk scenarios and application to them of a Risk Governance Framework. In addition we were asked to provide suggestions on how to implement the results of this study. A Risk Governance Framework based on the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC) model has been developed. This report describes how the framework was developed, including significant involvement of stakeholders, and describes the framework. The framework is presented, in an Annex, as a stand-alone format that can be used by stakeholders when they are carrying out the risk governance process. Finally the report draws out conclusions and makes recommendations for the implementation of the framework.
Item Description: Die im Inhaltsverzeichnis erwähnten Annexe sind nicht in diesem Dokument enthalten. Es existiert eine eigene Aufnahme für diese. [Michaela Grocholl, EDZ Köln]
Physical Description: 75 Seiten p.
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