Summary: This study for DG Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) aims at measur-ing the administrative burdens for farmers arising from the 2003 Common Agricul-ture Policy (CAP) reform. The study provides an assessment of the administrative costs for selected CAP-related measures, especially the Single Payment Scheme (SPS), in five selected Member States in 2006, and an outlook on further expected developments. The methodological approach and design of the study is based on the elements of the EU Net Administrative Cost Model as set out in COM (2005) 518 final. Drawing on the experience of earlier studies, the methodological approach and design has been further developed, mainly to account for parallel steps and for the order of activities. The findings in the report are based on a series of workshops and interviews with experts in the field, with farmers and with farm advisory services. The findings in-dicate the order of magnitude of the administrative burdens in the five selected Member States. However, it is not claimed that the findings are statistically reli-able. This report makes a cross-country comparison of existing administrative costs and tries to explain why the costs are different in the five Member States concerned. The report also presents an outlook on the administrative costs for the near future. In addition, filled Report Sheets that are part of the report are shown in a separate Annex.
Physical Description: 136 Seiten p.
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