Summary: Pyrolysis technology has been assessed in this report based on an examination of the costs, the benefits, the barriers to market uptake, and the potential for EU funding to contribute to innovation and/or technology deployment. Given the benefits associated with the application of biochar to soils, here we consider how it can be utilised in the context of on-farm mitigation options. Looking at application of the technology from this perspective helps underline the importance of local context and soil properties. In carrying out cost-benefit analysis however, it has been challenging to calculate the cost of biochar given the lack of available information. For this reason, we have had to consider the cost of the entire pyrolysis lifecycle by looking at the cost of a number of other products such as pyrolysis oil. We maintain that the added benefit of biochar in terms of its ability to address adaptation, improves its overall cost-effectiveness. We also conclude that, although there is significant potential to implement mini-hydro for mitigation purposes, investment in the technology with the dual purpose of addressing both policy agenda items is not likely to improve its overall cost effectiveness given the limitations associated with implementation.
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