Summary: Workplace innovation (WPI) refers to practices that enable employees to participate in organisational change in such a way as to improve the quality of their working life and organisational performance. This report examines the motives behind the adoption of WPI and describes its implementation across companies in Europe. It analyses the impacts of WPI from the perspective of the different players – organisation, management, employees and employee representatives – in 51 companies across 10 EU Member States. The analysis reveals that while there is significant variation in the types of WPI practices in companies, the process of why and how these practices are implemented shows considerable similarity. While the reasons for introducing WPI are mainly related to enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and innovation, one positive result seems to be to strengthen the position of employees and employee representatives. As a result, WPI outcomes often lead to both enhanced economic performance and a better quality of working life for all concerned.
Physical Description: 67 Seiten p.
ISBN: 978-92-897-1393-1

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