About Beta

In the Econbiz Beta area we try out new approaches to searching literature and other information.

EconBiz Author Profiles

EconBiz Author Profiles can be used to find more information on specific authors. Authors themselves can use it to see how others make use of named entities or linked data.

You find more information about the service here - and more infos on how to use it here.



SciFiS – A Search Engine for Scientific Figures

Scientific figures in publications often include valuable information that cannot be searched directly with today’s tools. A new tool developed by the ZBW Knowledge Discovery Research Group enables the search in infographics and thus offers new ways to access publications.

Visualized Search: EEXCESS Prototype

Try out our new EEXCESS visualization widget! Have a look at graphic displays of results in a world map, time line, or tag map. With the uRank feature you can re-rank result lists according to selected keywords.

Search- and Event Widget

With this widget you can integrate result lists from the EconBiz search or the EconBiz event calendar in your own website.

You can enter: search terms, size and results per page. Then you copy the created code into your website.

Bookmark Widget

With the Bookmark Widget you can integrate your individual favorites of publications or events from EconBiz into your own website.

Online Call Organizer

With the Online Call Organizer for the EconBiz Event Calendar you can create your personal research Profile. Download relevant events into your own calendar.

Additionally you can get information about deadlines for calls for papers, registration deadlines and start dates of events via e-mail and / or Twitter.

Nobel laureates in Economics

Here is a list of laureates of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel from 1969 to today. 

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