EconBiz Apps will be discontinued: Please use mobile portal instead

Please note that we will discontinue our EconBiz Apps since the EconBiz portal is fully optimized for mobile devices.

If you have one of the EconBiz Apps installed on your phone or tablet, please read the following information. (Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones were made available.)

Removal from App-Stores
We will remove the Apps from the App-Stores on June 30th. You can still keep the App on your phone, you do not have to delete it. It may not be working after major system updates though.

List of Favourites
If you have a list of favourites in the app, you can mail the list to your e-mail-account.

Add EconBiz-URL to Home-Screen
You can also manually add the EconBiz-URL to your home screen.
Here is one description on how to do it: :

Please contact us if you have any questions:

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