From DAX to Overqualification - What's new in the STW Thesaurus for Economics

Generation Z, Global South, Lock-down – the research and publication topics in economics and business studies are constantly changing. That' s why we regularly revise and expand the vocabulary in our STW Thesaurus for Economics, so you can always use the most up-to-date terms for your search in EconBiz. In addition to many new terms, the current version 9.12 now also includes many stock indices (e.g. DAX or Dow Jones Index). As always, we have added many German and English synonyms.

The Thesaurus helps you to find terms related to your topic. Use the STW to search for more general publications with broader terms or to narrow down your search using narrower terms. In addition, the STW automatically adds translations and synonyms to your search terms, so a search for "overqualification" will also find publications on "Überqualifikation" (German) and "brain waste".

As of the current version 9.12, the STW itself is available for download under the even more open license CC-BY 4.0, so that it can be reused by other organizations worldwide.

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