Staying up-to-date with RSS feeds and e-mail

This RSS-Feed service is not new, but since many people do not know about it, we explain it here.

Would you like to receive notifications about new publications in EconBiz? Enter your search preferences (for example: search term nudge, check Open Access only) and submit your search. Then click on the RSS icon at the bottom left of the page. If you already have a feed reader installed as an add-on in your browser, it will open the feed and you can subscribe to receive notifications.

If you do not use a feed reader and prefer to receive notifications about new titles via e-mail, copy the URL of the page that now opens and add it as an RSS feed to your e-mail programme (for example: in Outlook in the e-mail navigation area, right-click on the “RSS feeds” folder). You will receive notifications as soon as there are new results for your search.

The RSS function allows you to stay informed not only about new publications, you can also use it for new announcements in our news section.

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