Summary: The last few years have seen a growing awareness of environmental change and the need for urgent policy action. In 2009 the EEA started to implement its new 5‑year strategy in response to this. The EEA will consolidate and improve the timing, spatial resolution and quality of environmental data flows, establish new data sources where needed and encourage a greater integration of knowledge about the linkages between ecosystems and the major socio‑economic arenas. It will also seek to contribute improving the quality and effectiveness of environmental education in Europe. The effectiveness evaluation of the EEA stated that 'The Agency is ... the most efficient way to deliver the products and services required by the stakeholders. ... It is difficult to see ... how the provision of impartial and reliable information, could be performed through any of the possible other mechanisms available for European organisations'. The 2008 evaluation also gave a number of recommendations on priority setting and dissemination and the Agency has acted upon these in defining the future priorities and use of Agency resources.
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