Summary: A new chapter summarising some information for the entire trading period has been added in this year's report. There is a supplementary analysis on impacts of the EU ETS on industrial competitiveness, the intention of which is to provide background information and more detailed analysis on this specific issue. It is not based on information provided by Member States in their questionnaire but on independent research undertaken by the EEA-ETC/ACC. The information in the other chapters contained in this report is similar to previous years. Some clarifications on the institutional set-up have been made by some Member States but, in general, the implementation of the ETS Directive has not changed much from 2006 to 2007. One major change did occur in Bulgaria and Romania, where, as the newest EU Member States, emissions trading only started in 2007 and their initial practical experiences have been reported, in contrast to last year's report which only contained institutional information from these two countries
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