Summary: Climate change is expected to result in several processes that can have an impact on the biological productivity of the marine ecosystems and on the distribution of marine resources. The purpose of the present study is to provide an analysis of the probable impacts and consequences of climate change on European Union marine fisheries and aquaculture. The basis of the study is a comprehensive review of approximately 200 relevant and up-to-date scientific literatures with particular reference to the fisheries resources that are relevant for the European Union fisheries both in the Atlantic and in the adjacent seas (Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic). The effects of climate change on fisheries will affect a sector already characterised by full utilisation of resources. Changes in the productivity of the ecosystem will have a profound effect on the sustainability of the fisheries. Because of that; climate change is currently the target of very extensive research for estimating how fish stocks will develop in the future and other issues having a significant impact on European Fisheries. Seven possible policy options have been identified and are discussed in the study.
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