Summary: This text discusses trends on the Estonian labour market during the years of rapid economic development and the subsequent economic crisis. The aim of the text is to describe changes in the field of employment and unemployment, as well as the problems facing vulnerable groups (young people, older workers, non-Estonians, people from structurally weak regions) in relation to employment and unemployment. The text includes a description of Estonia labour market institutions as well as the steps that have been taken as part of active and passive employment policies. In particular, we have focused on new labour laws and changes introduced in response to the crisis. We also evaluate the contribution of social partners to framing employment policy. The last part of the text sets out to compile the lessons which can be learned from the framing of Estonian labour market policy responses and adaptation to the economic crisis.Key words: labour market, employment, unemployment, active and passive labour market policy measures, social partners, social welfare reform, adaptation to the economic crisis.
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