Summary: This second annual Yearbook on Living and working in Europe 2010 aims to convey the main findings of some of Eurofound's key currents of research – in particular, results and analysis from its three pan-European surveys on company practices, working conditions and quality of life. All the surveys now enable us to paint some pictures of trends over time, crucial for understanding how Europe is developing and the changing challenges it is encountering. Not least among these challenges is the creation of a truly multicultural European society, a task being undertaken daily by both majority and minority communities. As detailed in last year’s publication, European governments and social partners are still dealing with the effects of the economic crisis; in many countries, short-time working schemes were extended or introduced as one response. Eurofound’s Yearbook also outlines how such responses to the crisis may also provide an opportunity, highlighting ways of adapting such schemes to combine both greater flexibility and greater security. Such adaptation can only take place with the cooperation of the social partners: the Yearbook 2010 looks at how both trade unions and employer organisations are adapting to meet the challenges of changing times.
Physical Description: 65 Seiten p.
ISBN: 978-92-897-1014-5
ISSN: 1016-5614
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