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Type of publication: Book / Working Paper
Language: English
Includes bibliographical references and index
Introduction: Identity matters / Patricia M. Thornton -- Ethnic conflict and civic nationalism : a model / David Brown -- Social identity matters : predicting prejudice and violence in Western Europe / Thomas F. Pettigrew -- Readiness to fight in Crimea : how it interrelates with national and ethnic identities / Karina V. Korostelina -- Ethnic identities of the Karen peoples in Burma and Thailand / Kwanchewan Buadaeng -- European attitudes toward immigrants / Thomas F. Pettigrew -- Tibetan identity in today's China / Badeng Nima -- Cross-cutting identities in Singapore : crabgrass on the Padang / James L. Peacock and Wee Teng Soh -- The Casamance separatist conflict : from identity to the trap of "identitism" / Hamadou Tidiane Sy -- Manufacturing sectarian divides : the Chinese state, identities, and collective violence / Patricia M. Thornton -- Islam and the West : a perspective from Pakistan / Mohammad Waseem -- Conclusion: Ethnic and sectarian identities : why and how they matter
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Classification: Ethnische Identität ; Gruppenprozesse
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