Summary: This document was requested by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and attempts to reply to a series of questions posed by the Group on possible changes to the legal instruments binding the EIB's activities in the context of a forthcoming Inter-Governmental Conference. The layout follows the order of the questions. Based on the request of the Green/EFA group, this paper summarises the basis of the criticism, examines the measures the EIB has adopted or is about to adopt to solve them, and presents the areas where further action is needed. After a brief description of the EIB in Chapter II, the third chapter analyses the institutional status of the EIB. Chapter IV analyses the position of the EIB based on the revised Public Access to Documents. Chapter V reviews the applicability of Community and other multilateral provisions in relation to the EIB transparency and anti-corruption policy. Chapter VI is dedicated to the environmental policy of the EIB. Chapter VII outlines the applicability of Community provisions and mechanisms in relation to the EIB 's development policy in third countries. It provides an introduction to Chapter VIII, which covers legal options regarding a separation of EIB operations in activities within the Union and accession countries and in activities in third countries.
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