Summary: The Qualitative Reports of the Labour Market Policy (LMP) database give a succinct description of each one of the labour market policy measures included in the database. All reports u0096 one for each country - have the same structure: Part A includes the Inventory of measures, i.e. the list of all measures regrouped by category. Part B presents each measure in three main sections: Identification, Description, and Supplementary information. The three sections contain the most relevant information concerning each measure. The Descriptions contain seven sub-sections: Aim, Beneficiaries, Action/Instrument, Financing/Support, Eligibility, Legal basis, and Recent changes. The Supplementary Information contains information concerning the target groups, the conditions for participation and other characteristics of the measure. The qualitative reports allow the user to understand what hides behind the figures on expenditure and participants collected in the LMP database, and therefore should be considered as complementary information to the publication 'Labour Market Policy - Expenditure and Participants u0096 Detailed Tables'.
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