Summary: This is the Final Report of the preparatory study to inform the Impact Assessment in relation to proposals for an automated entry/ exit system at the external border of the EU and the introduction of a border crossing facilitation scheme for bona fide travellers(“Registered Traveller Programme”)’. The purposes of the assignment were to: Identify the scale and nature of the problems being addressed by the proposals Identify lessons from existing relevant systems; Identify the policy objectives; Present and assess the policy options based on the proposals and alternativemeans of addressing the underlying problems Identify and elaborate the preferred option(s) Problems addressed The proposals aim to address the following problems in order of priority: Illegal migration; The cost of crossing EU external borders for ‘bona fide’ travellers Terrorism, and serious crime The challenges of economic migration
Item Description: Specific Contract No. JLS/2007/A1/FWC/002 Multiple framework service contract JLS/2006/A1/004 ; Request No. 6 Komplette Identnummern der Verträge [Michaela Grocholl, EDZ Köln]
Physical Description: 84 Seiten p.
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