Summary: The research topics for 2007 fall within the broader strategic research themes of the four-year programme 2005–2008 and some of them carry forward work from 2006. Equal opportunities is a priority in 2007 in light of the fact that 2007 is the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Flexicurity will also be a priority area of activity. Taking into consideration the stakeholders’ interests, the EU policy agenda and the strategic direction of the Foundation, the priority topical research and communication areas for 2007 are: effects and challenges of globalisation on structural change, company strategies, employment, work and quality of life in Europe; mobility, migration and integration of migrants; future trends, challenges and prospects in social partnerships: globalisation, adaptability, governance, employment development, flexicurity and employabilit; quality of work, workplace developments: innovation, productivity, attractive workplace, working conditions and structural and quality changes in jobs; diversity, equal opportunities and work–life balance; demographic change, young and ageing workforce, reorganisation of work over the life course.
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