Summary: This study contains an overview of the energy sectors of the countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and an analysis of current and potential energy cooperation with the EU and within the region. In order to strengthen security of supply and foster competition, the infrastructure priorities should be the completion of a network of gas and electricity interconnectors with and within the EaP region, and the extension of the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline. In parallel, one should revive the goal of achieving a binding legal framework for the secure transit of energy in the region involving all relevant parties, including Russia. Existing horizontal areas of cooperation, in particular energy efficiency, lowering import dependence, and renewable energy, are clearly justified. Two new areas should be added, namely the production of unconventional fossil fuels, and the adoption of alternative fuels in transport. In terms of framework conditions, convergence towards the EU Acquis faces strong challenges from both domestic and foreign interest groups in several EaP countries. The main focus should be on those measures most likely to enhance security of supply in each country. Also, the coherence between the various existing EU instruments for regional cooperation should be strengthened.
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ISBN: 978-92-823-3688-5

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