EEXCESS Prototypes

EEXCESS is a research project funded by the European Union. Its vision is to unfold the treasure of cultural, educational and scientific long-tail content for the benefit of all users and to facilitate access to this high quality information (watch EEXCESS video). One aspect of the project is the visualization of search processes. The following prototypes are part of the EEXCESS development.

Visualization Widgets

By clicking the button below you might try out several widgets that are based on the visualization of search processes. Please select one of the available widgets ("views") using the navigation on the right sight of the popup window. You can start a search based on keywords using the search box on the top left corner. If you would like to send feedback to the developers, please use the feedback form that may be opened with a click on the feedback button in the top right corner.

A detailled description about the several widgets will be added soon.

Visual Search Interface

The Visual Search Interface for EconBiz was also realized by the EEXCESS project. With a click on the thumbs below you can tell us your general impression.

The visualization in this case is supposed to facilitate facetted filtering. Please see our pdf with information on how to use the Visual Search Interface and information on data protection.

Visual Search Interface (subject only)

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