Test your Research skills

Four questions to test your information literacy. Are you a research pro?

Not yet a research professional? Then take a look at these pages:

  • Guided Walk: The Guided Walk is a decision based interactive online tutorial for learning. Topics are: finding and evaluating academic information, access to full texts, and citing correctly.
  • Video-Kurs:If you prefer to watch videos, seeour 6 short clips: Find information, evaluate the reliability of infomation, recognize fake news, access the full text, cite correctly.
  • Academic-Career-Kit: Here you can find three toolkits for Early Career Reserchers (ERC). Learn more about finding a journal for your paper, how to avoid predatory journals, about open access, social media, impact measurement and research data management.
  • Guides: In this section we provide textbased information for downloadm e.g. our guide "Write your best Paper".

Any other questions? We support your search! Ask our Research Guide EconDesk team.

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