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ECONIS is the catalogue of the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. It is completely contained in EconBiz. In ECONIS you find books and journals as well as articles from journals or compilations from the fields of economics, business studies and business practice (Collection Guidelines of the ZBW).

A distinguishing feature of the database is the high proportion of literature which is not available through the book trade, e.g. working and discussion papers, dissertations and statistics, including relevant networks from economics and business studies in SSRN.

In the online catalogue ECONIS you will find more than 5 million title records for printed and electronic economics literature from all over the world. Around 90,000 new entries are added every year.

All Journals indexed in ECONIS in EconBiz

List of Journals indexed in ECONIS on the ZBW page

RePEc - Research Papers in Economics

RePEc - Research Papers in Economics is an open access database that exists on the basis of its authors’ participation, which provide their articles in RePEc voluntarily and free of charge. RePEc contains freely available working papers as well as freely available bibliographic records about working papers and articles from journals.

List of journals indexed in RePEc


EconStor is the open access server of the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. EconStor grants the long term availability and free access to academic literature in econmics and business studies. 

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The economics and business section of the open access database BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) contains free full texts and references of books and articles. BASE is provided by the Bielefeld University and compiles content from several national and international open access servers.

Online Contents Economic Sciences (OLC)

The database OLC-SSG Economic Sciences is a subject oriented selection of bibliographic data from the Swets Database Online Contents that is regularly enhanced by table of contents data out of the special collections of the ZBW - Deutschen Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft and the University Library of the Helmut Schmidt University, Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg.

This spezial subject collections contains: - Economy - Business Economics - Economic Sectors

List of journals indexed in OLC Economic Sciences.

Other ZBW resources

ZBW-relevant resources of different origin that are not included in the collections ECONIS (ZBW) or EconStor; among others national licenses and metadata from publishers.

USB Cologne (WiSo) | - 2013

The business studies and social sciences section of the online catalogue of the University and City Library of Cologne (USB Cologne) contains books and journals with a main emphasis on the Anglo-American language area as well as grey literature (working papers etc.) of the German language area.

The collection was terminated due to a change in the collection profile of the USB Cologne.

USB Cologne (Business Full Texts) | - 2012

Section of the directory of internet resources in EconBiz, which exclusively contains full texts: electronic working and discussion papers, articles und journals from the area of business studies that are freely available on the internet.

The collection was terminated in 2012.

EDZ ArchiDok | - 2019

The "EDZ ArchiDok" project focuses on systematic cataloguing of relevant electronic texts published on the websites of European Union organs and institutions. These full texts are copied from EU websites to a central document server hosted by the University of Mannheim. Then, they are imported into a database developed by the EDCs. The ArchiDok database is located on a server in Mannheim and can be accessed on the web free-of-charge.

Studies, working papers, reports, SEC-documents (grey literature) published in 2000 and later will be uploaded to the ArchiDok-database. Important documents published before that date can be taken into account as well.

Full texts will be accessible online in the language/s available. Main language versions are German, English and French.

The collection was terminated in 2019.

EconBiz Event Calendar

The EconBiz calendar of events contains events that are relevant for economics, business studies and social sciences related to these fields from all over the world. Events from other subjects are not registered.

All the events listed have a scientific background, and are open to the public. Please note however that we only register events that have English, German, French or Spanish as one of the conference languages.

Only future events are registered. As soon as an event has taken place, the record will be moved to the events archive. You can search the archive to find past events.

Study courses and lectures as well as advertising events and further education offers by commercial providers are not listed. We reserve the right not to list conferences in our calendar.


Cooperation with the Events Calendar of Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) (an information service on the website of the American Economic Association):

Resources for Economists on the Internet and EconBiz have agreed a division of labour in the production of the Events Calendar. Starting from July 2008, suggestions for events are collected, indexed and entered into the two databases supporting the respective events calendar as follows: Resources for Economists on the Internet focuses on events in the USA whereas EconBiz collects information for all other countries.

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