Summary: The conference aims to cover all aspects of applied probability and stochastic models, including, but not limited to, the following topics: Actuarial mathematics; Biology,Computer networks and telecommunication systems; Computational finance, Discrete-event dynamic systems; perturbation analysis; E-business applications, on-line auction Engineering and service systems: manufacturing, logistics, transportation, health-care, banking, public service; Internet applications: networking, traffic modeling, performance optimization; Large deviations and extreme values; Mathematical and computational finance, financial engineering; Mathematical physics; Markov chain Monte Carlo; Markov processes and Markov decision processes; Mathematical finance; Matrix analytic methods Medical, biological and environmental applications; Probabilistic analysis of algorithms, combinatorial optimization; Queues: long-range dependence, heavy tails, inference models, games; Reliability and survival analysis; Risk management and analysis, insurance models; Simulation; Stochastic control and games; Stochastic networks: Markov models, fluid models, diffusion models, strong approximation, stability; Stochastic programming; Supply chain management and optimization

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