Summary: Program Highlights - Themes for Seven Sessions A to G: A] Private Incentives for Human Rights: Privatization, Poverty and Ethics, Litigation and Human Rights B & C] Role of Government and Corporations in Promoting Entrepreneurship and Human Rights: Human rights and Multinationals, Foreign direct investments, Corporate social responsibility, Social entrepreneurship, Management of franchising, Business ethics and global economy, Sustainable capitalism or ethical trans-nationalism, Youth entrepreneurship, etc. D & E] Small Enterprises Promoting Wealth Creation and Human Rights. Creating new leaders, Female leaders and entrepreneurs, Micro enterprises, Business solutions to global poverty, Trade in services, etc. F] Social Science Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Human Rights: Entrepreneurship from sociological and psychological perspective, Migration, Cultural issues, etc. G] Factors Hurting Entrepreneurship and Human Rights Including Quantitative Analysis: The role of corruption, crime, rent-seeking, with country-specific examples, Data standards for living human, social, and natural capital, etc.

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