Summary: The free market offers almost limitless choices in everything from what we eat, to the books we read, to the vehicles we drive. It's constantly at work, providing ever broadening opportunities for us to increase our happiness and realize our dreams. Yet, when it comes to American elementary and secondary education, there is no free market; government dictates where children will go to school, when they will go, what they will learn, and how much money will be spent. It's a lifeless system that produces poor academic achievement and widespread disaffection rather than a diverse array of effective educational options. So how do we go from the status quo to an alternative that thrives on the dynamism of the market? What are the essential requirements for such a system? Where can we find market-based education already at work? These and other questions will be tackled in a half-day conference that examines the potential, and track record, of improving education by using the power of the free market.

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