Summary: Programme 2005 "Evaluating the Foreign Ownership Wage Premium Using a Matching and Difference-in-Differences Approach". "Estimating the Effects of Food Safety Standards on Trade in a Multimarket Setting". "Economic Integration, International Capital Movements, and Labour Standards". "Inward FDI and Credit Constraints in the CEEC". "Does Outsourcing to Central and Eastern Europe Really Threaten Manual Workers' Jobs in Germany?" "Profitability of Foreign Owned Companies in Poland 1993-2002: Does Foreign Ownership Matter?" "The Impact of International Outsourcing on Job Separations". "FDI-Driven Business Cycles in a Balance of Payments Constrained Growth Model". "Gravity and Aggregation Bias - Firm Specific Exports from Denmark to Sweden and Germany". "Welfare Effects of Tariff Peak Conversions: The Case of Monopolistic Competition".

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