Summary: The aim of the conference is to enhance discussion and exchange on the role of agriculture in Central and Eastern European rural development. At the time of the conference, the Common Agricultural Policy as well as all elements of EU structural policies will be in force in 25 EU Member States. New insights about opportunities and challenges for cohesion within the enlarged EU will be available. Development tendencies in the agricultural sectors of the CIS have to be analysed. IAMO invites researchers and decision makers from all over Europe and beyond to present their views and results and to participate in the discussion. Topics: - Economic significance of agriculture in various regional contexts. Processes of marginalisation in rural areas of CEE. Access to land and capital. Determinants and results of structural change in agriculture. - Social functions of agriculture in CEE. Employment effects. Subsistence production. Relevance of part-time farming, income diversification and pluriactivity. Rural unemployment. Human and social capital. - Role of agriculture in transition to a market economy. State and consequences of restructuring of agriculture in CEE. - Society's demands on agriculture. Effects of farming on ecosystems. Multifunctionality and sustainability. New services offered in rural areas. - Objectives and conceptional foundation of rural development policies. Methods for evaluating policy measures. Experience with ‘bottom-up' approaches in CEE. Results of evaluation studies. Future perspectives for agricultural and structural policies.

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