Summary: The Conference Theme of AM2005 is "Marketing: Building Business, Shaping Society", and embraces an upbeat view of the role of marketing. For much of the past decade, a gloom has enveloped the marketing world, with doubt about the validity of much disciplinary thinking, the role of marketing in the organisation, and the broader impact of marketing on society. Yet, marketing principles - and the marketing department - are proving surprisingly robust. Marketing is co-driving business success in tandem with other disciplines. Marketing insights and techniques offer the possibility to create and share wealth in an environmentally sustainable way. In short, when operationalised properly, marketing works. Marketing practitioners, supported by their marketing academy, can usefully build business and shape society. AM2005 welcomes contributions that address this year's conference theme, and espouse a present-minded, positive, even celebratory perspective on marketing. It is timely to view the role and impact of marketing through an optimistic lens. The website is no longer available.

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