Summary: The Workshop will cover both theoretical and empirical aspects. It will have both invited and contributed papers. Papers presented must be characterised either by an innovative theoretical content or by a pertinent and conclusive empirical study. Methodological studies are particularly welcome if they try to apply the suggested methodology to the improvement of specific aspects of data quality. Papers or abstracts are solicited in the following areas: • Benchmarking techniques: new theoretical developments • Benchmarking techniques: comparison of alternative methods • Interpolation and distribution of time series and cross-section data • Flash estimates and extrapolation of key economic indicators • High-frequency estimation of key economic indicators traditionally defined over lower frequencies • Multivariate benchmarking in theory and practice • Benchmarking techniques and data quality issues (timeliness, coherence and others) • Applications of benchmarking techniques in official statistics • Benchmarking techniques and back-recalculation/extrapolation of time series • Tools and software for benchmarking and the comparisons of alternative approaches

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