Summary: The annual management plan 2008 is based on an overall budget of 36.404mEuro. The main objectives for 2008 are as follows: - to support and strengthen the EEA and Eionet activities, through development of skills, capacities, environmental information products and services; - to establish the Shared Environmental Information System1 and the five data centres for which the EEA has responsibility i.e. in the thematic areas of climate change, air, water, biodiversity and land use, in partnership with DG ENV, JRC, Eurostat and member countries; - to establish agreement on arrangements for data transfer and co-operation in the areas of waste, material flows and resource accounting with Eurostat and on chemicals, environment and health, soil and forestry with the JRC; - to provide information, analyses and assessments in support of the thematic strategies and key policies including: - Inspire and global monitoring for environment and security (GMES), including development of indicators, data flows, fast-track services and spatial analyses relating to land, soil, water, air and ecosystems; - Kyoto protocol and future climate change policies, national allocation plans and the EU emissions trading scheme; - energy and the environment, particularly in relation to renewable energies; - EU targets on biodiversity and actions under the 2006 Communication including the Millennium Assessment for Europe; - water framework directive and the marine and maritime strategies - agri-environment policies within the CAP; - thematic strategies on sustainable use and management of natural resources and prevention and recycling of waste; - thematic strategy for soil protection; - to further develop European scenarios using Prelude as the basis; - to provide assessments, advice and briefings, including foresight analyses, to the European Commission, Parliament and Presidencies on environmental policy areas relating to sustainable development and the Lisbon process, across relevant sec
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