Summary: In January 2007, the European Commission presented the Action Programme for reducing administrative burden on businesses at EU level by 25% by 2012. The Action Programme was endorsed by the Spring European Council in March 2007. It addressed the Administrative Burdens of EU origin in 13 subject areas (including Agriculture and Agricultural Subsidies). As part of that Programme, there have been several measurements of administrative burdens arising from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The focus in each case, however, was on the first pillar (which concentrates on providing basic income support to farmers, who are free to produce in response to market demand). The second pillar supports agriculture as a provider of public goods in its environmental and rural functions, and rural areas in their development. With the present study it was considered timely and appropriate to take a closer look at the administrative burdens resulting from second pillar measures, namely the administrative burden on beneficiaries associated with the implementation of certain Rural Development measures.
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