Summary: This report presents theresultsof the Study on the competitiveness of European wines.The aim of the study is to build on the current position of European wines in the key world markets to derive conclusions on how to further advance the policy objective of improving their competitiveness. The study analyses the development of EU wines competitiveness and identifies the key factors of competitiveness in the most important consumer markets where EU wines enter in direct competition with third country wines.The study focuses on still wines and distinguishes betweentwo business areas:bottled wine and bulk wine. The analysis also distinguishes wines by price/quality segments and wines with Geographical Indication and without, including varietal wines.The study examines in detail seven case studymarkets: China (including Hong Kong), Japan, Russia, USA, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.The main EU competitors considered in the study are New World Countries (NWC): Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and USA.The study period is up to the horizon 2025. In order to assess past and current development of the competitiveness of European wines, data from 2000 onwards are analysed.
Physical Description: 147 Seiten p.
ISBN: 978-92-79-40735-2
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