Summary: Cross-border road traffic accidents raising jurisdictional issues represent about 1% of road traffic accidents in the EU27. The direct costs of these accidents can be set at approximately u0080450 million yearly, of which u0080150 million are due to medical expenses and damage to property, whereas u0080300 million represent loss earnings and foregone production. If one also takes into account the indirect costs of cross-border road traffic accidents, namely the physical and psychological consequences for victims and their relatives, the total economic impact of those accidents amounts to about u00801.04 billion annually. Several cross-border road traffic accidents create a risk of undercompensation of the non-resident victim, due to differences in the standard of living as well as in the calculation of the quantum of damages in member states. The problem of victimsu0092 undercompensation in the event of a cross-border traffic accident has so far been approached mostly under the aegis of the proposed harmonisation of European Tort Law, especially within the debate on the u0093Rome IIu0094 regulation on non-contractual obligations. Already during first reading, the European Parliament proposed to address this issue by mandating the application of the law of habitual residence of the victim when assessing the quantum of damage awards.
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