Summary: The purpose of this ex post evaluation is to assess the contribution of the 1999-2001 Phare National and Cross-Border Co-operation programmes to support Slovakia in meeting the Copenhagen criteria in order to facilitate its accession to the European Union. The overall objective of this evaluation is to provide accountability with respect to the use of European Commission funds, and lessons learned for decision-making on improvements of pre-accession aid to remaining and future candidate countries. The evaluation also provides for a brief update of post-2001 allocations. ... This report has been prepared between December 2005 and February 2006,1 and reflects the situation where the Phare national Programmes have ended. The evaluation is based on an analysis of documents provided at the start, during and on completion of the national Programmes, including previous interim evaluations, on the results of questionnaires, and on interviews with beneficiaries, contractors, and stakeholders. It examines the performance of the programmes in addressing the objectives stated in the formal programming documents, provides a general assessment of the programmes and draws conclusions and lessons learnt from them.
Physical Description: 76 Seiten p.
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